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Dr. Thomas Schubert
Network concept
consilium-network was primarily established as a free co-operation of independent experts and companies. In legal terms this is equivalent to a permanent alliance of working partners to meet the functional needs in management and development as an internationally operating planning and consulting bureau.

Specific projects can be organised and carried out by individually selected staff exactly in accordance with the customer´s needs and requests.

"Therefore no demand is too big and no topic is too small for a perfect project delivery"

Each consilium-partner is personally responsible for a successful execution of all project objectives.

In 2004 consilium was transformed into a limited liability company in order to guarantee stability, objectivity and productivity.
Professional efficiency
consilium-network consists of partners and associated companies, who provide experience from more than 400 successful national and international projects. They are well acquainted with various renowned institutions in the international health and social care system.

Additional consultant profiles and reference lists shall provide a concise general overview of the recent scope of services and proof of the competence in solving various problems in health care and social security.

Austria, Germany, Switzerland 2012