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Dr. Thomas Schubert
Dr. Thomas Schubert

Chief executive Partner

1981 - 88
University of Innsbruck and University of Economics Vienna,
graduated Master and Doctor of Law and Business Administration

Executive for judicial information and international educational programs,
Austrian Students Association, University Innsbruck

Assistant Lawyer, Law-firm in Vienna

1989 - 1992
Executive and Project-Coordinator Austrian Federal Institute for Public Health

1992 - 1995
Chief Project-Manager for Health-Planning Austria Suter + Suter ltd,
Suter + Suter Management Consulting ltd

1995 - 1997
Senior Consultant, Chief Project-Manager Diebold ltd,
Management- und Technology Consulting

Since 1997
Founder and Chief Executive Partner of consilium consulting network,
responsible for projects in Europe, Africa and Asia

Fields of special knowledge and experience:
  • Strategy Consulting and Management Consulting
  • Hospital management
  • Project management
  • IT-consulting, HIS-Systems
  • Structural Planning, Demand Analysis (staff, ressources)
  • Functional and Service Planning, Process Organisation
  • Efficiency Analysis and Integral Restructuring
  • Legal and organisational Consulting for Finances, Accounting and Controlling
  • Coaching, Process reorganisation, Change Management

Publications and Presentations in the following fields:
  • Regional planning in the Austrian Health System
  • Hospital planning in Europe, Comparative Analysis
  • Legal impacts on Hospital- and Health-Care-Planning – Chances and Restrictions for Public Services
  • Business organisation und staff management
  • Process optimization and Change-Management in IT-projects
  • Restructuring and Outsourcing of medical services
  • Planning and Implementing "Leistungsorientierte Krankenanstaltenfinanzierung"
    (specific Austrian DRG-System) in large hospital holdings

  • Various expert-commitees of Austrian state-governments and hospital firms
  • IHE-Austria
  • e-health experts group, Austrian Chamber of Commerce